Friday, December 18, 2015

Alcoholism.. Disease caused by the continued use of alcohol despite adverse consequences caused by

Term Alcoholism Called the situation resulting from the consumption Alcohol Regardless of health problems and negative social consequences it causes. The medical definition of alcoholism knows that Disease Resulting from the continued use of alcohol despite adverse consequences caused by.
The term appeared alcoholic 200 years ago and special thing inability Addict in the final stages of stop drinking from the first drink has warned Cup Some researchers Europeans that alcoholic illness lasting irreversible and must be maintained Refrain total until the person is not located in the sliding uncontrolled drinking Again and thus warned him Demilitarized alcoholic beer because the rate per thousand That remain may be sufficient to move the alcoholic appetite to return to drink again .
Alcoholic affects about 5% of the Western peoples and consolidated addiction for several years 
Alcoholism stages according to the classification Gelnic 1950: 
1 - pre-addiction: an increased intake of alcohol limit intake of people addicted.
2 - stage addiction warning: Oblivion full of what happened during the next morning drinking.