Monday, December 21, 2015

Body styles when Hippocrates.. Bloody mood. Energetic mood. Melancholic mood

Department of Hippocrates to four body styles are:
1 - bloody mood
2 - energetic mood
3 - melancholic mood
Hippocrates said that the characteristics of these moods are closely linked to each of the natural environment - any geographical climate - and the impact of social factors.
The Hippocratic attempts vigorous in addressing mental illness, In order to treat the cases of addiction to alcohol, for example, recommended using the method of treatment By Alienation: Any creating a state of disgust when the patient away from alcohol and alienate them, and by giving the addict doses of a substance once revolting or by Directed by blood and liquefaction blood is in case liquor  to see his blood dripped relates in his mind blood, including abused landscape of Absinthe n and so hated article that Addicted. The proposed treatment for some patients mentally and psychologically that they change their places, Changing place, as proposed, would change the painful memories, forgetting the patient pain and concerns.