Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Complications of high blood pressure, chronic.. Artery disease. Increase the thickness of the heart muscles. Tight or thickness of the blood vessels eye

1. Artery disease: may cause high blood pressure a hardening of the arteries, or greasy gathered on the wall of the arteries or inflation in the blood vessels. 
2. Increase the thickness of the heart muscle: in order to be able to pump blood more strongly due to high blood pressure in the blood vessels, muscle And make effort the largest and longest in the required pumping blood to the body and thus accumulate fluid in the lungs or in the legs and foot. 
3. Blockage or small burst blood vessels in the brain: small blood Valsairat inherently weak to be impervious to the elements of food and oxygen, an explosion or clogged blood vessels can lead to a stroke.
4. Weak or narrow blood vessels of the kidneys, which contributes to the occurrence of renal failure. 
5. Tight or thickness of the blood vessels eye: the eye arteries of small arteries El High blood pressure within cause explosion or increased thickness less blood flow to the eye cells may end this case the loss of sight.