Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Control food poisoning.. Reporting of food poisoning and self-reliance. Poisoning and infection control installed in the laboratory. Investigating outbreaks of food poisoning

There are several ways to collect statistics of diseases that are transmitted through food It is important to distinguish the possibilities and limits of each method and the most important of the following three methods:
1 - reporting of food poisoning and self-reliance (to educate citizens in the speed of the process of self-reporting and treatment).
2 - poisoning and infection control installed in the laboratory.
3 to investigate outbreaks of food poisoning.
All of these methods in monitoring food poisonings important but it is not sufficient and is able to assess and measure the true extent of the disease caused by food poisoning. Where many of the infected food By Poisoning non-casual (no symptoms of the disease) and seek medical advice and only a part of them be accidental reviewing doctors. Sometimes difficult to isolate the causative agent and this falls in the field of laboratory surveillance.
Noted the increasing cases of food poisoning in the United Kingdom significantly from the eighties, it was noted the increasing cases in England and Wales more than Scotland has been attributed to differences in methods of collecting information or to significant improvement in the ways of gathering information and detect causes, as is the case in the campelo More Campylobacter Spp Observed increasing incidence between 19801990 100% and the reason for this is due to improved collection of information and statistics.