Friday, December 18, 2015

Dairy group, yogurt, cheese.. An important source of protein, vitamins and minerals, calcium

  The dairy source Important proteins, vitamins and minerals, it also provides us with the yogurt and cheese Calcium.
Tips that should be followed when Eat this group: 
- Choose a few kinds of cheese in fat, And also low-fat dairy such as Milk Chilled and frozen yogurt And sweets made ​​from milk. - Avoid eating high-fat cheese And ice cream Because a large amount of fat, especially saturated fat.
- The amount specified approached from this Group: 
Advise eating food pyramid from 2-3 amount of this group Per day (2) for the majority of people, (3) for pregnant women or nursing from her breast Youth and adolescents up to 24 years of age. 
1/2 cup of milk or yogurt 
46 grams of Natural cheese 
62 grams of processed cheese 
Eating 31 or 46 grams of cheese And 248 grams of yogurt equals one amount of this group because they provide the body with the same The amount of calcium and that gives it one cup of milk.