Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Diabetes and Weakness Sexy.. Loss of the ability to erection of the penis (penis) and successful completion of the sexual contact

May be affected as well as autonomic nerves that feed the internal organs and the most important of involuntary sexual affected nerves and result in the loss of the ability to erection of the penis (penis) and successful completion of the sexual contact but does not affect fertility and having children.
  Abound ED cases among diabetics and clearly, and there are up to 50% of diabetics of men complain of ED. There are two important factors in the incidence of ED when a diabetic, namely:
Organic factor such as the arteries of the penis injury sclerosis and narrow the blood decreases impelled by decreases erection.
Psychological factor such as anxiety, tension and fear associated with diabetic. It may be the psychological factor is the basic and most important ingredient in the ED occurs when diabetics.
The ED can be treated adjusts the level of sugar in the blood and treatment of psychological problems, especially when young .. But in some cases may be treatable chronic difficult but there are some means could be followed to overcome this problem, namely:
- Cultivation of special devices compensatory inside the penis to help a multi-erection. In some cases, the patient may complain of difficulty urinating with weak momentum urine with no emptying the bladder completely, which leads to the accumulation of urine in the bladder and the possibility of microbial infections.
- Injection topical medications in the wall of the penis leads to dilation of blood vessels, helping an erection and be immediately before intercourse.
- Viagra and other drugs: a good treatments for diabetics and dependent mechanism of action to stimulate blood circulation and blood access to nutritious nerves of the penis in particular. We must consult your physician before using these drugs.
Frigidity in women:
Sexual problems are not limited to men with diabetes, but can also occur in women. Some women with diabetes complain loss of libido, and feel intense pain during intercourse, and getting this complaint overnight with approaching menopause. And can minimize that case using estrogen, making sure to maintain the rate of sugar in the blood.