Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Diabetes Diabetes Mellitus.. Obesity and lack of exercise and change in the types of foods. Inability of the pancreas to manufacture insulin

** There are more than 240 million people The world's diabetes, 80 % Of them in remote countries or the so-called third world countries. The problem is that 50% of them do not know they are infected diabetic
** The reasons for this increase is due to obesity and lack of exercise The change in the types of foods
** And the percentage of infection in Saudi Arabia To 24 %   Who are between   Age   30-70 years
** Not only that but the glucose tolerance test positive (ie, they are poised to Lasabh) when 16% of adults.
  Diabetes is divided into two types:
Type I: It affects the young and the young often, and here are the pancreas is unable to manufacture insulin, which requires daily insulin therapy.
Type II: affects adults and adults   (90% of diabetics). Certainly, obesity and lack of exercise are the direct cause of the disease. Here are the amount of insulin manufactured by the pancreas is not sufficient.