Saturday, December 19, 2015

Exercises for heart health.. Brisk walk or use a bike or walk or swim active

With mild weather these days improves increase fitness, and exercise do not stop their usefulness on muscle or weight control, but the first beneficiary is the heart, Valtmarin rid of blood vessels from accumulations of fat and cholesterol when blood flows more pregnant with these materials, which is about a deposition in fine capillaries, also appropriate stating exercises in strengthening the heart muscle and adjust the strikes.
The selection of appropriate exercise is one of the most important issues and found some people use devices available in the home but they do not fit exercise required, and others are buying a particular device in order to lose weight and used alone, leading to the growth of Certain muscles at the expense of other muscles body Vitshuh, this always recommend diversifying exercises to rehearse every muscle and the results of the exercise is healthy and good for the heart and muscles. 
After selecting 3-4 devices in addition to walking and swimming if and when it is necessary to know the proper way to exercise search be gradual and take into account the warm up in the beginning of the exercise and cooling at the end.
To strengthen the heart muscle you need to exercise at least half an hour three times a week, must continue exercise until you feel tired in the sense that the increased speed of the exercise gradually so as to achieve the fatigue but does not have to be in less than half an hour.
The more time and increased voltage higher heart rate and whenever blood pumping larger quantities of blood, and as long as a healthy person after confirming examination and exercise appropriate for his age and under the supervision of a specialist, there is no need to fear.
These exercises are different from exercises to strengthen the muscles that you need to use weights or running or climbing mountains on foot or by bike.
Of the best exercises that strengthens the heart muscle and the following program:
There is no doubt that exercise in the air open much better than the halls closed, and the exercises in the morning better, but if this does not happen it should not be left exercises because its benefits to your body more than you expect, and so the case for women who might expect that those exercises dedicated to the man only. And there are some devices appropriate training in the home and in an open space is one of the best solutions, and the following program is useful for all ages but I highly recommend that be before exercise warm light, and can be in periods beginning five minutes and then rest and then 10 minutes, then rest and then the rest of the time that achieves a kind of stress.
First day: brisk walk or use a bike or walk
Second day: Fitness exercises with iron
Third day: comfort
Fourth day: active pool (not less than 40 minutes)
Fifth day: muscle strengthening exercises devices
Sixth day: comfort
Seventh Day: streaming or active pool