Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gizzard water that infect humans and animals.. Vesicles maws infect the liver and the lungs and various organs of the human body

Infect water maws (Urchin maws) liver, lungs and various organs of the human body, as well as infect sheep, camels, cattle (cows, buffalo), horses and pigs. The human and sheep, cattle and camels intermediate hosts in the life cycle of worm Urchin. While worm Urchin living in primary breadwinner, which is the dog and the wolf and fox. Treatment: The chemotherapy for water sacs disease is still at an early stage where not given anti-worms good results against different larval stage for Emczukat. But some recent studies have proven that the use of a number of Penzamadasul compounds Benzimidazol Such as mebendazole or Venbedasul Mebendazol , FenbendazolFor long periods of time in infected rodents have the potential to damage or kill those vesicles also demonstrated preliminary studies on humans that these compounds lead to the suspension or decline in the growth of the larvae.