Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Health risks of obesity in children.. Early maturation of females. High blood pressure. And cardiovascular disease. Diabetes

1 - early maturation of females: breast development before the age of eight Ba addition to more of a deeper fat may lead to the possibility of injuring the girl of breast and ovarian cancer in the long term.
2 - problems in the hip and lower leg sprain and flat feet.
3 - the child is prone Lalla diseases wanderings:
** Hypertension.
** A and cardiovascular diseases.
** Diabetes.
** A respiratory diseases such as asthma.
4 - the deteriorating health situation due to lack of movement and lack of activity.
5 - Age palace.
6 - less than the ability to take advantage and benefit from carbohydrate.
7 - Gout.
8 - a deeper blood lipids.