Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hernia.. The emergence of any internal organ or part of the cavity where he was staying in the normal case

The emergence of any internal organ, or part of the cavity where he was staying in cases Natural, more cases of hernias occur in the abdominal area, especially in the region Inguinal, or secret, or femoral hernia is called accordingly; inguinal hernia, or Sri, or thighs, and in all cases where the hernia is the result of the emergence of a part of Intestine, or omentum of a weak spot in the abdominal wall and cause weakness; either be Result from congenital causes, or acquired weakness in the abdominal wall, as happens in cases Inguinal hernia, which affects men after middle age, or women with births So many weaken and Tatral front abdominal muscles, and help the ongoing effort Increasing the size of weak spot, which highlights member Muftouk, many Cases of hernia does not cause any pain person, Or symptoms, but if the hernia is large, If size increased rapidly, it causes pain and a sense of vulnerability. And can occur Hernia complications are extremely important and dangerous, and the most important of these complications occur If choking, where narrow slot that comes out member Muftouk, which leads to pressure Severe acute in the area of the neck of the bag containing these members, which weakens the arteries The veins in member Muftouk. And retard the circulatory Him, or interruption of causing infections and infections may lead to dangerous Death, if not treated quickly hernia surgically. And there are types of hernia is Familiar, such as hiatal hernia, where highlights some of the contents of the abdominal cavity Such as the stomach, or spleen, or liver into the thoracic cavity through a weak area in the Diaphragm, as well as a lung hernia, where highlights a portion of the lung through the pointWeakness in the wall of the chest between the ribs, or brain hernia, where highlights the part of the brain through Shortage in one of the bones of the skull .
Initiative to mind an important question is whether the umbilical hernia that occurs after Pregnancy, heal without surgery, and the problems caused by when pregnancy occurs once II, and the treatment of umbilical hernia? 
The hernia is usually not only heals Surgery, and this applies to most types of hernias, whether internal or external; Delays in surgery raises the possibility of a hernia, which is a bottleneck for Retention intestine or internal organs within the hernia sac and not returning to the womb, And thereby decrease blood circulation in the intestine and can infected Baltnkr, and subsequent Inflammation of the abdominal peritoneum.