Sunday, December 20, 2015

HIV.. Give a small dose of the components of the microbe after weaken the immune system gained manufactures antibodies able to tackle him and surround

HIV is second line of immune defense; Humans can acquire strong immunity against bacteria, viruses and toxins and any foreign object into the body. The vaccination process conducted, mainly based on immune activation gained, and by giving a small dose of components microbe after weakening, and his immune system gained manufactures antibodies able to address it and surround; where cells Phagocytes scavenger providing part of the UFO, after swallowed and resolved to lymphocytes (T). Then the cells (T) activity and intervention to eliminate it and to get rid of it, or the manufacture of the chemicals stimulate cells (b) secrete antibodies that include various types depending on the type of microbes or foreign objects.
And cooperation between natural immunity and acquired immunity depends on some Their common materials and target that natural immunity the first line of defense and direct, if able to eliminate the UFO whether microbe or other .. The man does not feel symptoms satisfactory. If the microbes of the kind that natural immunity can not deal with it, VGN second line of defense starts to move specialized cells and antibodies; to know what kind of UFO and secrete substances appropriate to deal with it.