Sunday, December 20, 2015

IBS.. Neurological movement disorder of the colon, resulting in fast or slow in movement and contractions of the walls of the colon which affects the digestion and absorption processes

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is called in English (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) And called several terms, including colon raised and colon convulsive and irritation of the colon, but known as irritable bowel syndrome and the doctors scientific Pachtsarh (IBS) , And irritable bowel syndrome is the most Gastroenterology prevalent and less obvious to the doctors, where the approximately (50%) of all patients attending clinics digestive system, and until recently it was thought that a symptom stress and not a disease in itself.
IBS does not mean that you are suffering from the problem of membership in the digestive tract, but is ill and temporary job for the digestive system when certain situations .. The simplest illustrate and describe for irritable bowel syndrome is:
For disorder in the movement neurons of the colon, resulting in fast or slow in movement and contractions colon walls which affects the digestive processes and absorption; well known that the remains of waste passing through the colon be closer in strength of the liquid before water absorption of the colon, in the case of speed of contraction, these graduated in liquid waste here when the patient gets diarrhea (Diarrhea) , And in the case of slow muscle contraction of the colon, the waste water in the larger and absorbs excess of what is required occurs then constipation (Constipation) .
IBS usually begins in a simple to the point that many of the people living with him and do not know they are infected, but also in many cases cause violent symptoms and severe pain for those who suffer from it.
This disorder occurs with many other symptoms and different from person to person, Besides constipation and diarrhea, the most prominent sign and visible in most patients with irritable bowel syndrome is the occurrence of psychological problems and nervous tension.