Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Laws and regulations that determine health control veterinary food.. Control in veterinary health surveillance system Permanent Veterinary examination methods for animals and products of animal origin

Intended controlled conditions of production and circulation of health, safety and quality of food. Include censorship laws health food all foods of animal origin and vegetation in the process of production, processing, preservation and marketing as well as places, devices and instruments that are used in this regard and also includes personal health for production workers and other words that controls the health control veterinary system test methods veterinarian Permanent animals and products of animal origin . It is very useful application system for hazard analysis and critical points (Hsab - HACCP ) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point In food production and processing to ensure their quality and safety. Also to all members of the veterinary health surveillance and other officials and workers in the health control on food to be always on the extensive knowledge and close enough Important by Innovations and systems in the field of production and marketing and control of food so they can carry out their duty towards the food control and fits existing legislation and regulations and applicable.