Sunday, December 20, 2015

Long-term complications of chronic liver infections.. Chronic liver cirrhosis. Cancerous spread outside the liver, such as the intestine

In the beginning, we can say that many of the patients with hepatitis C And B Chronic and who did not handle or those who did not respond to drugs, they are living a normal life and not suffering from any serious complications. In cases of continued inflammation for a period ranging more than 20 years old or more, it is likely symptoms of depression and liver function, as this type of inflammation cause asbestosis, a chronic liver, leading to the deterioration of its functions and sometimes lead to death if not transplant new.
The majority of liver cancers are caused by the spread of cancerous from outside the liver, such as the intestines and other. As some liver cancers consist of cells of the liver. This Cancers called primary liver Cancers, and this type of cancer is often accompanied by hepatitis C Or B In 70% of cases.