Friday, December 18, 2015

Low blood sugar coma (Hypoglycaemic Coma).. Bad use of sugar-lowering drugs while neglecting some meals

Always occur with the use of bad drug reduced sugar (noncompliance dose specified), while neglecting some meals, leading to low blood sugar level of 60 mg per 100 ml of blood, leading to coma because the brain may be due to a high proportion of sugar.
Symptoms are:
1 - normal breathing rate.
2 - natural breath.
3 - fast and powerful pulse.
4 - The skin is wet because of the intense race.
  In the analysis shows low blood sugar level, and the lack of it in the urine and the presence of ketone bodies in urine.
Doctors recommend the occurrence of such coma eating any material sugary like molds sugar, with proper use of insulin injections, tablets treatment of diabetes, and not to neglect daily meals organized so as not to repeat such a coma, which is considered more dangerous than its predecessor because it may affect the brain cells (if lasted more than 24 hours) that rely on glucose as the main source of energy.
  (Advised sniff the smell of the mouth of the patient in the case of sugar coma because it helps in the diagnosis).