Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mental illness.. Prevalence and severity of mental illness on society and the production

Of the important contributions that have had an active role in the progress of psychiatry private nature of mental illness, is Pktrev contribution (1857 -1927) in the study of phenomena related to various mental symptoms phenomena. However, his style in this regard, which did not survive the face of the sharp criticism on the grounds that he built in self-treatment The purely physical point of view. However, these imperfections did not reduce the effort nothing, since the scientific research in the fields of psychiatry and anatomy and neurobiology and psychology have remained fixed on in this regard.
The reference refers Alexander Salzenk about the history of psychiatry to the public, the government and interested in becoming health
Aware that mental illnesses pose a threat to human least most diseases physical danger, and that as far as having one of every ten people in the United States suffer some sort of mental illness, and that thirteen percent of the young people who examined by the U.S. Army found to be unsuitable for military service because of mental disorders, and a billion and a half dollars wasted every year in America because people absent from their jobs as a result of mental disorders, and finally we are beginning to realize this fatal blow you take psychiatric of human potential and productivity. 
Supports Gelmr the same opinion in the prevalence and severity of mental illness on society and the production, when referring to spend one out of every thirteen people, part of his life in a hospital mental, and that one out of every three families in which - at least - one of whom suffers the problem of emotional serious, and half of the hospital beds in the United States occupied nervous patients and psychologists. As adds Gelmr that there is data to indicate that the problem of diseases and mental disorders in Europe have the same risk and sharpness.
Although comparable data are not available for the Palestinian and Arab reality, but we expect - Astqraúna to our circumstances - the increasing prevalence and severity of these diseases and mental disorders, though less than in societies that have preceded us in progress and civil rights.