Sunday, December 20, 2015

Misconceptions about irritable bowel syndrome.. Therapeutic feeding or a specific food the patient can abide by it and walk it to cure or avoid suffering IBS

Spread many misconceptions among patients with irritable bowel syndrome and most of these concepts caused some doctors and of confusion in their knowledge and their recognition and diagnosis of colon nervous .. Perhaps the reason for this confusion is the lack of clarity unified vision of what happens to a patient IBS as well as the speed of its spread in communities, fear and panic people from overeating other in the use of chemical drugs in an attempt to get rid of the meaning of IBS.
All these factors have helped in a clamor and first conflict between doctors and specialists in internal medicine, many of whom do not diagnose symptoms that we mentioned earlier as tracking disease or irritable bowel disorder, but was prejudice against them by denying the existence of the so-called IBS! ..
All these things I noticed and Aistha and suffered them of course and even if he is convinced the doctor or specialist remains patient colon, which because of problems and changes in mental status is the most prominent face patient colon, the situation becomes bad and becomes confession patient illness difficult and becomes persuaded the suffering and Bmaheh cured and he must follow or staying away from it of the most difficult things to doctor and specialist.
It is a widespread misconception among IBS patients that there is a therapeutic feeding or a food they can abide by and walk to cure or avoid suffering IBS, unaware that the exact opposite is what will probably Egnoh.
In the latter say that the patient must entrust his Lord and God knows that there is no disease but was revealed to him medication and moves away as possible from chemical drugs often stay bad for the patient-fold double including benefit him and this fact no one can deny.