Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Myths and misconceptions that have accompanied the use of insulin.. Erectile dysfunction. Idle pancreas. Insulin addiction

* Some patients think that insulin is why erectile dysfunction ED But the fact is that the rise in diabetes for years and therefore the arteries and neuropathy is why.
** thinks the patient that the use of insulin leads to coma while the truth is that diabetic coma shortage also occur with the use of reduced grain such as diabetes Gelepennekelamed Glibenclamide Or Gliclazer . Gliclazide
** Thinks diabetics d Type Althea Ni That the use of insulin will lead to laziness or the pancreas while idle lead early use of insulin to maintain the beta cells in the pancreas.
** Thinks diabetics error that if used insulin it will not stop him forever any that kind of addiction, while the truth is that it is possible in a diabetic patient type II use insulin, and then stopped and replaced with grains reduced diabetes, as occurs after surgery or the end of pregnancy.