Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Obesity.. And cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes. Difficulty breathing, indigestion and psychological problems

Obesity is a disease of the age and species of malnutrition and satisfactory phenomenon especially in developing countries as a result of a change in the quality of meals and provide food fattened (that lead to obesity).
And obesity is not also comes to mind a problem for adults only, but of the problems of children in spreading.
And an obesity and one of the most important public health problems as a key risk factor in the occurrence of chronic diseases related to nutrition.
Obesity and sweeping the whole world in the form of B as a result of major changes and developing societies faced and brought about changes in the economic and cultural, social and living.
Obesity is not a case of an ordinary limited harm and their impact on the Exterior of the body, but is a chronic disease that has symptoms and implications of health and its complications serious as one of the main reasons for the occurrence of many of the problems and health risks such as heart disease and arteries, high blood pressure, type II sugar in addition to the general problems as the mother back and joints as a result of carry this weight Overload and difficulty breathing, indigestion and psychological problems convergence Such as isolation. And medical research has demonstrated a link obesity in childhood occurrence in old age.
Increasingly dangerous obesity among children rates Portend danger and because dietary habits wrong and quantities of food Overload need for that happy provided by parent to child and believes that if he became obese that evidence on his health good but does not know that obesity may be a manifestation of a disease afflicting child without mother knows that there is something wrong with the health of her child.
As a result of this phenomenon very quickly became the focus of all societies and all developed and developing countries and took the media and international organizations and local attention to this phenomenon because they harm communities and individuals from all aspects, whether economic, social or psychological, so has to be addressed her and taking positions critical to solve and work education programs and develop a culture of peoples food and reducing ignorance food which increased with increasing and offer the comforts and entertainment E fast food restaurants, as well as provide modern technology that began to replace human, which led to lack of activity and lack of movement which leads to obesity and transfer these habits and methods to children becoming more and thus the rate of obesity in children.