Sunday, December 20, 2015

Parasitism Parasitism.. Physiological link between a pair of organisms

Is a physiological link between a pair of organisms, one Complacency on the other object to the requirements of its own food and called interdependent parasite and the other on behalf of the host and noted that the parasite often causes damage to the host.
In most cases parasite spends part of his life in one of the families and the other part in the second earner, and called on the host that contains a parasite in mature phases and is where sexual reproduction base Balaa├║l (final) Defenitive host   The host that contains uncompleted phases and which asexual reproduction occurs it is called intermediate hosts   Intermediate host.
It is the nature of the parasite adoption entirely on family, neighborhood, and without it you can not to this parasite that lives,
If Matt host it necessarily die parasite as well, or he must go to the host last, so the parasite ideal is what takes the family to the extent that is sufficient for living naturally, but does not eliminate it, and often the parasites do not leave their hosts only after producing his successor numbers very large, and then move to another host private means may be a mosquito, for example as in the case of malaria.. And so on. 
Parasites are transmitted from one host to another in several ways. Aftvillat digestive up to the host by mouth, or may penetrate the skin to settle eventually in the gut as you do hookworm, and the blood parasites they rely on insects insightful Kalpawwad or ticks you move from one host to another.
And parasites either single-celled microscopic "Kalontameba" that causes dysentery, or many cells seen by the naked eye Kdidan Ascaris and hookworm.