Friday, December 18, 2015

Prevention of complications of type II diabetes.. Taking medication on schedule. Appropriate diet. Daily walk.

(1) Be sure to work the following periodic tests and try to meet the ideal numbers of sugar and fat which can be tuned to abide by diet and treatment
Analysis required
Later analysis work
                 Ideal figure
    Fasting blood sugar in the lab
Every three months
70-100 mg / dl
     Fasting blood glucose device in the home
Twice a week
70-100 mg / dl
     Blood sugar after breakfast or meal two hours in the lab
Every three months
100 - 180 mg / dL

Blood sugar after breakfast or meal
       Two hours in the home device
Twice a week

100-180 mg / dl

     Glycated hemoglobinHbA 1 C
Every 3-6 months
Less than 7%
     Fasting blood cholesterol

Per year

- Low-density LDL cholesterolLess than 100 mg / dL in all patients and less than 70 mg / dL in the event of injury coronary failure or stroke in the brain
- High-density cholesterol HDL
More than 40 mg / dL in men
More than 50 mg / dL in women
- Total cholesterol less than 200 mg / dL
- Blood triglyceridesTriglycerides
   (12-hour fasting)
Per year
- Less than 150 mg / dL

(2) analysis of the functions of the liver and the kidneys each year urinalysis for albumin hidden if not detected albumin using reagent strip for Paul each year
(3) make sure to control the blood pressure to be 130/80 or less
(4) visit an eye doctor for the work to the bottom of the eye examination and a thorough examination every year
Visit the dentist every year
Visit consultant processor diabetes every three months
(5) three factors for the success of the treatment:
A - taking medication on schedule
B - appropriate diet: Remember that the stomach home of disease and diet is your medicine If you like dates shall not eat of it only three pills a day away from eating fat-rich cholesterol such as fat meat, chicken, butter, cream, milk, cheese full-fat and remember that fat is killed and more of eating vegetables
C - walk every day for 30-60 minutes in the outdoor
(6) Do not smoke or sit with a smoker
(7) influenza vaccination every year before the onset of winter, and vaccination against pneumonia once in a lifetime
(8) eating disk aspirin 81 mg after lunch unless there is contraindication to the use of aspirin to prevent the use of aspirin in case of bleeding or ulcer stomach or duodenal or a lack of blood platelets, and may be wise not to use aspirin with anti-blood clotting and prevents aspirin also in the case of chronic liver disease and active coupled with a penchant for blood thinners and in the case of a sensitivity to aspirin
(9) Keep your feet and daily Avhsma, wore the right shoes See a doctor if there is redness or swelling or foot wounds
(10) EKG for patients over forty.