Sunday, December 20, 2015

Psychological and mental diseases throughout history.. Pollution evil spirits to psychoanalysis of the disease

The history of mental illness and mental shows us the evolution and progress later this branch of medicine in recent ....
After the psychiatric and mental evil, and control the lives of malignancy, and an act of Satan, as if made ​​supernatural powers created, Like occurred as a result of discontent gods, or, if curable and still, it will be healing as a result of the satisfaction of those gods.
After patients were burnt alive in the streets, because Tluthm these evil spirits, was seen as sometimes they are people who despised them from the gods, or were seen as people outcasts...
For this they often kill disposal of them and the demons that Talpsthm, while the lucky ones of them, who were suffer insanity cases lighter, were surrounded by care, and those aspects of care that they take off their clothes were lacy, adorned Hamathm laurel wreaths 
After all, the development of this branch of medicine gradually, when Hippocrates came - in the fifth century BC   - And said: Let it be known that the brain contains the specific areas is a citizen of pleasure, and Inshirah, and fun, and the tendency to play, on the one hand, on the other hand, it has - in Tlavifa - what there of sadness, and sorrow, and resentment, and unfortunately, that because the suffering of the brain sometimes damage, located some people prey into the trap of madness, delirium, and subjected to human influences and fears haunted day and night, and the source of all that is what affects the brain malfunction.
It notes Hippocrates saying, for example, that any damage or malfunction due to certain shock gets in one of the hemispheres of the brain, in turn leads to cause convulsions in the other side of the body.