Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Systolic blood pressure, diastolic and natural.. Applied pressure of blood on the inner wall of the arteries

Is applied pressure of blood on the inner wall of the arteries. This occurs by the process of pumping pressure or cardiac muscle contraction. 
What is the systolic and diastolic pressure: Every time beating heart, increasing the pressure in the arteries reduce max, and each time the heart relaxes between two-stroke pressure drops to a minimum. There are two measures of arterial pressure: maximum pressure when the heart beats and is called systolic, and minimal pressure when the heart relaxes and called diastolic.
Normal blood pressure: 
   While there is no normal blood pressure and one for all people, delivers most of the doctors that pressure 80/120 is a healthy blood pressure. During the day blood pressure fluctuates up and down by changing the level of physical activity, mental stress, and this is normal. Either when the blood pressure remains high for much of the day, then increase the risk of certain pests and this is what we call hypertension. May be   It possible to control blood pressure by diet, medications and lifestyle switch. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure by a physician, the continuous pressure monitoring helps the doctor to control the problem. 
Necessary attention to the fact that the blood pressure at home to be lower than in the clinic about 10 mm, and the fact that the patient comfortable in the house. Therefore the report should be kept for pressure measurements at home and brought in each visit to the doctor, it is necessary not Tgiero stop any medicine without consulting a doctor.