Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The causes of high blood pressure.. Increased blood volume. Increase the momentum of the heart. Increased vascular resistance to blood flow

Blood pressure rises when:
* Increased blood volume: for example pregnant women prone to high blood pressure during pregnancy to increase blood volume by 40% to cover the needs of the fetus. As well as fluid retention in the body increases blood pressure
* Increased momentum heart: for example momentum blood increases during pregnancy (from within the physiological changes during pregnancy) have the same risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy or when increasing momentum blood like having some effects nerve stress extreme fear physical activity violent due pressure to normal level after the demise of reason.
* Increased vascular resistance to blood flow: for example, when vasoconstriction result of deposition of cholesterol vascular wall high blood pressure in some cases, Blood can not pass easily through the arteries as a result of narrow or her sclerosis, and in These cases will increase pressure in order to ensure the continuity of the passage of blood through these arteries Infected, and this is what is called a disease, "high blood pressure ".
● If not treated this Disease blood pressure remained high This will to injury Heart attack and strokeStroke And kidney disease and other diseases.