Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Treatment of the sharp drop in blood sugar because of insulin

All cases of the sharp drop in blood sugar can be treated quickly by giving the patient glucose. In the event of a slight drop in blood sugar and the patient is unconscious and can swallow, be given in this case of orange juice, or glucose, or any liquid substance containing local materials, or can give him a piece of sugar or chocolate. If the drop in blood sugar severe (less than 50 mg / dL) and is accompanied by loss of consciousness must transfer the patient to the hospital immediately. The preferred treatment in this case to give him 20-50 ml of glucose (50%) intravenously over 2-3 minutes. In the absence of this treatment by injection, the patient can be given a dose of 1-5 mg of glucagon by intramuscular or subcutaneous.
This will lead to re-consciousness within 15 minutes to allow then to take sugar by mouth In the absence of glucagon can be let alone a small amount of honey or syrup sweet in the roof of the patient's mouth. It should be noted that the sharp decline in blood sugar is dangerous to the patient and may lead to death.