Friday, December 18, 2015

Vegetables and fruit when diabetic.. Directed pancreas, a large amount of insulin

This is also an important food for diabetics because they contain fiber Moreover its high nutritional value, such as: cabbage, artichokes, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, Aharnkh and carrots and guava.   
The best kinds of apple fruit for diabetics, where he works to regulate the level of blood glucose, and reduce the level of cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure. In addition to its high nutritional value.  The surprise of this matter because the apple and guava contain sugars .. But in fact, sugar apple, guava is slowly build up in the body it does not require output from the pancreas a large amount of insulin to deal with it Otherwise rose level of blood glucose quickly as is the case for eating table sugar or sweets in general, namely this property which returns because it contains a high percentage of fiber, and consider them to researchers in the same class as dried beans rich in fiber. Moreover contain guava sulfur organic increases the amount of Insulin (Psychophysiology) at Yale University U.S. just inhaling the smell of apples has a calming effect for a lot of people helps to reduce high blood pressure. The reasons are not clear according to a French study, that a lot of eating apples, guava lead to reduce the level of cholesterol in women than in men. It may happen during the first three weeks of eating apples that the cholesterol level rises, but then drops to normal. It is clear that the impact of apples and guavas Kmkhvd cholesterol or blood pressure varies among individuals depending on the chemical composition of the body to be advised fully Aklhma without any peeling chaff contains a high proportion of beneficial fiber of the body.  As for the fruit, grapes are one of the most dangerous kinds of fruit for diabetics as it can be exposed to increased blood glucose level emergency and so should be eaten calculates..