Friday, December 18, 2015

Ways to reduce the problems of fast food.. Prevent unhealthy food advertisements and exercise to burn excess amounts of fat

** Moderation in the number of times to go to these restaurants.  
** It means helping to bring about these changes as follows:
* Health education for children and young people in schools and universities and in the media.
* Prevent unhealthy food advertisements.
* Preferably at the request of "pizza" to choose species that contain vegetables and smaller.
* Preferably grilled meat instead of fried.
* Avoid eating French fries, drink soft drinks and replaced by a piece of fruit and a glass of juice.
* Choose authorities which contain fresh vegetable .
* Choose desserts that rely on fresh fruit, such as fruit salad, to reduce the amount of calories guardian.
* Choose the smaller piece hamburgers ·
* Choose the small size of the fried potatoes.
* Drink water or juice.
* Try to avoid   Eating ice cream and desserts.
** Moderated eating do not go overboard when he says: (and eat and drink but waste not by excess).
** Exercise   To burn excess amounts of fat.
* Must be stressed to ensure healthy foods and healthy drinks for students in schools and universities.