Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What happens when a lack of insulin?.. Accumulation of glucose in the blood and its inability to enter the cell and analyze the fat and amino acids and converted to glucose

In the absence of insulin or if a problem occurs in the insulin receptor accumulation of glucose in the blood and unable to enter the cell where it is needed and increased fuel attributed to natural and appeared diabetes and the resulting serious medical complications.
The lack of insulin leads to the breakdown of amino acids and converted to glucose and increases the proportion of sugar in the blood. The absence of insulin leads to increased fat decomposition and increase the proportion of free fatty acids in the blood and this may lead to the acidity of the blood and increased ketones and the possibility of a coma sugary Ketone.
Insulin stems from the meticulously stored and the amount of codified as the rise in blood sugar levels.And the fact that starting fast enough and within a few minutes.
And secretion of insulin by one unit each hour in the fasting state, the rate increases to 3-7 units after eating carbohydrates and sugars.