Thursday, January 4, 2024

before irrigating a client’s NGT the nurse must first.. check the tube for placement

before irrigating a client’s NGT the nurse must first:

  • a- assess breath sounds.
  • b- instill 15 ml. Of normal saline.
  • c- ausculate for bowel sounds.
  • d- check the tube for placement.

The most crucial step before irrigating a client's nasogastric tube (NGT) is to: d) check the tube for placement.

Here's why:

- Tube placement:

Verifying proper placement is essential before instilling any liquids or performing any procedures involving the NGT. This can be done by measuring the distance from the nose tip to the earlobe and marking the tube accordingly, followed by X-ray confirmation if necessary.

- Breath sounds:

While assessing breath sounds may be part of a broader patient assessment, it's not directly related to NGT irrigation and not the key step before irrigating the tube.

- Normal saline:

Instilling saline before checking placement wouldn't be prudent as it could potentially push the tube further in and complicate verification.

- Bowel sounds:

While auscultating for bowel sounds can be helpful in monitoring NGT functionality, it doesn't replace the critical step of confirming proper placement before irrigation.

Therefore, ensuring appropriate NGT placement through proper measurement and potentially X-ray verification is the paramount step before proceeding with irrigation. Remember, safety and efficacy should always be prioritized in any healthcare procedure.