Tuesday, January 9, 2024

when dealing with a client with aphasia, the nurse should remember to.. encourage writing of massages

when dealing with a client with aphasia , the nurse should remember to:

  • a- wait for him to communicate.
  • b- speak loudly to ensure that the massage is received.
  • c- speak from the client’s side to avoid overload.
  • d- encourage writing of massages***

The best answer for dealing with a client with aphasia is: a) Wait for him to communicate.

Here's why the other options are less suitable:

b) Speak loudly:

While clarity is important, shouting isn't helpful for someone with aphasia who might already struggle with processing language.

c) Speak from the client's side:

While proximity can be helpful, the most crucial aspect is giving the client time to process and respond, not necessarily speaking from a specific side.

d) Encourage writing of messages:

While writing can be a helpful alternative communication method, not all clients with aphasia have the ability to write effectively. Waiting for the client to communicate allows them to choose their preferred method (speaking, writing, gestures, etc.).

Therefore, waiting patiently for the client to communicate is the most respectful and effective way to ensure successful interaction with someone with aphasia.