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C I Kennedy lower partial denture when u put ur finger on both distal ends anterior portion lifts (elevator).. Make new

C I Kennedy lower partial denture when u put ur finger on both distal ends anterior portion lifts (elevator):

  • A- Relining.
  • B- Rebasing.
  • C- Make new.
  • D- Alveoplasty.

Based on the information provided, the most likely option is: C. Make new.

Here's the reasoning:

- Kennedy Class I:

This type of partial denture replaces missing teeth on one side of the jaw, with natural teeth on both sides supporting the denture.

- Lifting of the anterior portion:

This indicates instability and a poor fit of the denture, which could be due to several reasons, including:
  • Changes in the underlying bone and tissue due to bone resorption or tissue shrinkage.
  • Inaccurate impression leading to an ill-fitting denture base.
  • Deterioration of the denture material over time.

- Relining:

This involves adding a new layer of inner lining to an existing denture base. While it can address minor fit issues, it's not suitable for significant instability like the one described.

- Rebasing:

This involves replacing the entire denture base while keeping the teeth. However, this option is often considered less cost-effective and less durable compared to making a new denture, especially for Kennedy Class I cases.

- Alveoplasty:

This is a surgical procedure to reshape the jawbone, which might be necessary for severe bone resorption but wouldn't address the immediate issue of the ill-fitting denture.

Therefore, considering the significant instability and potential for various underlying causes, making a new denture is the most likely recommendation to ensure proper fit, function, and patient comfort.

However, it's important to remember that this is just an initial assessment based on the limited information provided. A qualified dentist should always perform a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine the most appropriate course of action for the specific patient's case.