Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Droplet nuclei containing mycobacterium tuberculosis.. Remain airborn for prolonged period

Droplet nuclei containing mycobacterium tuberculosis:

  • A- Do not cause infection.
  • B- Settle out of room air quickly.
  • C- Do not spread widely in the building.
  • D- Remain airborn for prolonged period.

The most accurate answer about droplet nuclei containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis is: D. Remain airborne for prolonged periods.

Here's why the other options are incorrect:

A. Do not cause infection:

Droplet nuclei containing M. tuberculosis are highly infectious and can readily cause TB transmission when inhaled by another person.

B. Settle out of room air quickly:

Droplet nuclei are extremely small (1-5 μm in diameter) and lightweight, allowing them to remain suspended in the air for hours or even days, depending on factors like ventilation and humidity.

C. Do not spread widely in the building:

Droplet nuclei can travel significant distances through air currents within a building, potentially infecting individuals in different rooms or floors.

Therefore, due to their small size and ability to remain airborne for extended periods, droplet nuclei containing M. tuberculosis pose a significant risk of transmission in enclosed spaces. This underscores the importance of proper ventilation, cough etiquette, and infection control measures in preventing the spread of tuberculosis.