Friday, January 26, 2024

Nursing responsibility on leukemia.. Prevent infection

Nursing responsibility on leukemia:

  • A. Ensure safety.
  • B. Prevent infection.
  • C. Obtain blood samples regular.

the most comprehensive and accurate answer is: B. Prevent infection.

Here's why:

- Ensuring safety:

is a general principle for all patients, not specific to leukemia. While managing safety hazards is crucial, preventing infection is the top priority for leukemia patients due to their compromised immune system.

- Obtaining blood samples regularly:

is important for monitoring the disease and treatment response, but it's not the primary responsibility. Frequent blood draws can pose additional risks of infection and discomfort for the patient.

- Preventing infection:

is paramount for leukemia patients because their weakened immune system makes them highly susceptible to infections, which can be life-threatening. Nurses play a critical role in implementing various measures, including:
  • Neutropenic precautions: These involve meticulous hand hygiene, isolation measures, and avoiding contact with potential sources of infection like fresh flowers or crowded places.
  • Skincare: Maintaining hygiene and preventing skin breakdown minimizes entry points for pathogens.
  • Medication administration: Administering antibiotics and other medications as prescribed helps prevent and manage infections.
  • Patient education: Teaching patients about infection prevention practices like handwashing and good hygiene empowers them to participate in their own care.

Therefore, while all three options play a role in nursing care for leukemia, prioritizing and actively preventing infection is the most significant responsibility.

Please remember that this is general information and specific care plans may vary depending on the type and stage of leukemia, individual patient needs, and treatment protocols. For detailed information about nursing responsibilities for leukemia patients, it's crucial to consult with healthcare professionals and reliable medical resources.