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Poly sulfide.. Patient is diagnosed for ceramometal full veneer. You plan to use epoxy Resin missing text

Patient is diagnosed for ceramometal full veneer. You plan to use epoxy Resin missing text, what's the best impression material to be used:

  • A- Poly ether.
  • B- Poly sulfide.***
  • C- Agar agar.
  • D- Irreversible hydrocolloid.

The best impression material to use for a ceramometal full veneer after considering the provided information about using epoxy resin is: B. Polysulfide.

Here's why:

- Epoxy resin:

This cementing material requires high accuracy and detail in the impression for a precise fit and strong bond.

- Polysulfide:

This impression material offers excellent detail replication, dimensional stability, and tear resistance, making it ideal for capturing the fine margins and intricate surfaces of prepared teeth for ceramometal restorations. Its high viscosity also helps minimize slumps and distortions during impression taking.

- Other options:

While other materials have their strengths, they might not be as suitable in this specific context:
  • Poly ether: While offering good detail and accuracy, poly ether materials might have slightly less viscosity than polysulfides, potentially leading to some slumps or flow issues.
  • Agar agar: This irreversible hydrocolloid is not typically used for fixed prosthodontics like ceramometal crowns due to its limited strength and dimensional stability.
  • Irreversible hydrocolloid: Similar to agar agar, this type of material lacks the needed strength and stability for complex restorations like ceramometal veneers.

Therefore, considering the need for high accuracy and detail for epoxy resin cementation, polysulfide emerges as the optimal choice for impression material in this scenario.

Remember, this information is for educational purposes only and shouldn't replace professional judgment. Always consult with your dentist and laboratory technician to determine the most suitable impression material based on the specific clinical case and needs.