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Pt. with mucocele in the lip treatment is Excision.. Pt. with swelling in submandibular gland moved during eating diagnosis by sialogram

1. Pt. with mucocele in the lip treatment is Excision.

2. Pt. with swelling in submandibular gland moved during eating diagnosis by sialogram:
  • A. Stone.
Unfortunately, the information provided is incomplete and requires more context to provide accurate answers.
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1. Mucocele on the lip:

You are correct that excision is the most common treatment for a mucocele on the lip. However, depending on the size and location of the mucocele, other options like marsupialization or laser therapy might be considered.

2. Swelling in submandibular gland moving during eating:

A sialogram can help diagnose the cause of the swelling, but simply knowing it moves during eating isn't enough to pinpoint the exact issue. More information about the sialogram findings, the patient's symptoms, and any other relevant medical history would be necessary for a proper diagnosis.

causes for the swelling:

Possible causes for the swelling, considering movement during eating, could include:

- Sialadenitis (inflammation of the salivary gland):

This can be caused by infection, autoimmune diseases, or other factors.

- Sialectasis (dilation of the salivary duct):

This can be caused by a stone or other obstruction.

- Sialolithiasis (salivary stones):

This is a common cause of swelling and pain in the submandibular gland, and it can cause the gland to move during eating due to the blockage.

Additional Information:

To provide a more accurate diagnosis and suggest the appropriate treatment, I would need more details about the patient's case. Please consider providing additional information such as:
  • Description of the swelling: Size, shape, color, any tenderness or pain.
  • Sialogram findings: Any abnormalities like filling defects or stones.
  • Patient's medical history: Any relevant conditions or medications.
  • Other symptoms: Dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, fever, etc.
With more information, I can offer a more accurate and helpful response.