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What is GG#1 file length means.. 20mm

What is GG#1 file length means:

  • 1- 20mm ***
  • 2- 30mm
  • 3- 50mm
  • 4- 60mm
  • GG#1 = Gate Glidden No.1.
  • Gate Glidden is 6 files only.
  • Diameter start from 0.5mm to 1.5 mm.
  • The full file length is 32mm.
  • The shank length is 19mm.

The working length of a GG#1 file is 13 mm.

Here's a breakdown of the terms and measurements involved:

- GG#1:

This refers to a Gate Glidden file, specifically number 1 in the series. Gate Glidden files are a set of endodontic files used in root canal procedures to shape and clean the root canal space.

- Full file length:

The total length of the file from tip to handle, which is 32 mm for a GG#1 file.

- Shank length:

The non-cutting portion of the file that is attached to the handle, which is 19 mm for a GG#1 file.

- Working length:

The actual length of the file that is used for shaping and cleaning the canal, calculated by subtracting the shank length from the full file length. In this case, 32 mm - 19 mm = 13 mm working length.

Key points to remember:

  • The working length is the most important measurement to consider when using endodontic files, as it determines how far the file will extend into the root canal.
  • Over-instrumentation (extending the file beyond the working length) can lead to damage to the root tip or surrounding tissues.
  • Under-instrumentation (not extending the file far enough) can leave areas of the canal uncleaned and unprepared, potentially compromising the success of the root canal treatment.