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All of this is bones content Orbit except.. Ethomoid

All of this is bones content Orbit except:

  • A- Sphonoid.
  • B- Temporal.
  • C- Ethomoid.
  • D- Frontal.

Option B, Temporal, is the exception in the list of bones related to the orbit.

Here's why:

- Sphenoid:

This bone contributes significantly to the orbit, forming parts of the roof, lateral wall, and floor. It also houses the optic canal, which carries the optic nerve to the brain.

- Ethmoid:

This bone forms a portion of the medial wall of the orbit and is crucial for supporting the eyeball and separating it from the nasal cavity.

- Frontal:

This bone forms the roof and part of the medial wall of the orbit, providing protection for the eye from above and the front.

- Temporal:

This bone doesn't directly contribute to the bony structure of the orbit. While it is located close to the orbit, its primary role is in forming the lateral side of the skull and housing the middle and inner ear structures.

Therefore, option B, Temporal, is the only bone in the list not directly involved in forming the bony orbit.