Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Hyper cementum.. Occur in Pajet disease. Difficult to extract

Hyper cementum:

  • A- Occur in Pajet disease.
  • B- Difficult to extract.
  • C- Bulbous root.
  • D- Easy to manage by elevator.
  • E- A and B.
  • F- A and D.
  • G- All the above.

The correct answer is: (F- A and d).

Here's why:

A- Occur in Paget disease:

Hypercementosis is not specifically associated with Paget disease, although some studies suggest a possible connection in rare cases.

B- Difficult to extract:

This is partially true. While the increased cementum can make extraction slightly more challenging, it's not always difficult. Techniques like tooth sectioning or periotomy can be used to overcome this obstacle.

C- Bulbous root:

This is not a specific characteristic of hypercementosis. The root shape may vary depending on the individual and the cause of the condition.

D- Easy to manage by elevator:

This is true. The increased cementum can actually make the tooth more stable and easier to remove with instruments like elevators.

E- A and b:

This is not entirely accurate as mentioned above.

G- All the above:

This is incorrect as some options (a and c) are not valid characteristics of hypercementosis.

Therefore, the most accurate statement regarding hypercementosis is that it occurs in Paget disease in rare cases and can be easily managed by elevators during extraction due to increased tooth stability.

It's important to remember that hypercementosis can have different presentations and requires individual assessment by a dental professional for diagnosis and treatment planning.