Wednesday, January 24, 2024

In the H.T.G we find.. Filament transformer

In the H.T.G we find:

  • A- anode
  • B- Filament transformer.
  • C- Target
  • D- Non of the above.

The answer is: C. Target. Here's why:

H.T.G. stands for High-Temperature Gasifier. It's a technology used to convert organic materials, like biomass or waste, into syngas (a mixture of gases like hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and methane) through a process involving high temperatures and controlled gasification.
Here's what each option refers to in relation to H.T.G.:

A. Anode:

Anodes are typically associated with electrochemical devices like batteries and electrolysis cells. They are not relevant to the gasification process in H.T.G.

B. Filament transformer:

Filament transformers are used to provide low voltage and high current for heating filaments in devices like light bulbs. They wouldn't be directly involved in the gasification process in H.T.G., although some heating elements might be present.

C. Target:

This is the correct answer. The target in H.T.G. refers to the feedstock material that is being gasified. This material is typically fed into the gasifier reactor, where it is exposed to high temperatures and controlled gasification agents, leading to its conversion into syngas.

D. None of the above:

As explained above, option C is the relevant component in H.T.G.

As you can see, the target material is fed into the gasifier through a hopper at the top. It then moves down through the reactor, where it is exposed to high temperatures and controlled gasification agents like steam and oxygen. The resulting syngas is then extracted from the bottom of the reactor.