Tuesday, January 9, 2024

In the projection scaphiod we divate.. Wrist laterally

In the projection scaphiod we divate:

  • A- Ulna laterally
  • B- Radius laterally
  • C- Wrist laterally
  • D- Thumb laterally

The correct answer is: B. Radius laterally.

In the scaphoid series, the scaphoid posteroanterior (PA) axial view involves ulnar deviation to remove the scaphoid from the radius and present its axis longitudinally. This means the radius is tilted laterally relative to the hand, while the ulna remains in a neutral position.
Therefore, option B is the most accurate description of the scaphiod PA axial view projection.

Other Options:

Here's a breakdown of the other options:

A. Ulna laterally:

This is incorrect, as the ulnar deviation in the PA axial view keeps the ulna in a neutral position.

C. Wrist laterally:

This is not a specific term used in describing the scaphoid PA axial view projection. The focus is on the scaphoid and its relationship to the radius and ulna.

D. Thumb laterally:

This is not relevant to the scaphoid PA axial view projection. The thumb is not included in this specific view.

Remember, medical terminology can be precise and specific. It's important to use the correct terms and understand the rationale behind each technique to ensure accurate communication and effective patient care.