Saturday, January 6, 2024

Removal of Undermined Enamel in Class II cavity is done by.. Chisel

Removal of Undermined Enamel in Class II cavity is done by:

  • A- Chisel.***
  • B- Angle former
  • C- Excavator.

The correct answer is A- Chisel.

Here's a breakdown of why each instrument is used:

- Chisel:

  • Designed specifically for cleaving or splitting off enamel.
  • Has a sharp, beveled edge that can effectively break off unsupported enamel without damaging the underlying dentin.
  • Used in a push motion to precisely remove undermined enamel in Class II cavities, ensuring a clean and smooth cavity preparation.

- Angle former:

  • Primarily used to shape and define the internal line angles of a cavity preparation.
  • Has a triangular or pointed tip that's not ideal for cleaving enamel.
  • May be used to refine margins or smooth out rough edges after enamel removal, but it's not the primary tool for removing undermined enamel.

- Excavator:

  • Used for bulk removal of carious dentin and soft debris.
  • Has a rounded or spoon-shaped tip that's not suitable for precise enamel removal.
  • Its blunt edges could potentially damage or fracture sound enamel if used for this purpose.