Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Which is most common.. Cleft lip and palate

Which is most common:

  • a. Cleft lip.
  • b. Cleft palate.
  • c. Bifid tongue.
  • d. Cleft lip and palate.
Clefts of the upper lip and palate are the most common major congenital craniofacial abnormality.
Atlas of Oral Diseases in Children: Cleft lip and palate are more common together than is cleft lip alone.

The most common of the options you listed is: d. Cleft lip and palate:

Here's why:

- Cleft lip and palate:

This occurs in approximately 1 in 700 newborns globally, making it the most prevalent among the listed options.

- Cleft lip:

Isolated cleft lip, without a cleft palate, affects around 1 in 1,000 births.

- Cleft palate:

Cleft palate alone is slightly less common than cleft lip, occurring in about 1 in 2,500 births.

- Bifid tongue:

This is a relatively rare birth defect, seen in roughly 1 in 4,000 newborns.

Therefore, while all four options are considered congenital anomalies, cleft lip and palate stands out as the most frequent occurrence.