Monday, January 8, 2024

In the rotating anode tube we have.. small focus

In the rotating anode tube we have:

  • a- Fine focus.
  • b- broad focus.
  • c- small focus.
  • d- large focus.
  • e- All of the above.

The correct answer for the focus in a rotating anode tube is: a. Fine focus

Here's why:

- Rotating anode tubes:

These tubes utilize a rapidly spinning anode to distribute the heat generated by the electron bombardment over a larger area. This prevents overheating and allows for higher power X-ray generation.

- Focus size:

The focal spot on the anode is where the electrons converge to produce X-rays. Due to the rotation, the focal spot on a rotating anode tube is inherently smaller compared to a stationary anode tube. This smaller size translates to finer detail in the resulting X-ray image.

Therefore, while other terms like "broad focus" or "large focus" might be used in different contexts, the primary characteristic of a rotating anode tube is its fine focus.