Friday, January 26, 2024

Lord tic curve in vertebral column is in.. Cervical region

Lord tic curve in vertebral column is in:

  • A- Cervical region.
  • B- Thoracic region.
  • C- Dorsal region.
  • D- Lumber region.
  • E- b & c are correct.

The correct answer is A. Cervical region.

The lordotic curve refers to the inward curvature of the spine in the neck (cervical) and lower back (lumbar) regions. Therefore, the thoracic region has a slight outward curvature (kyphotic), not a lordotic curve.

- Cervical region:

This is the first part of the spine and has a natural inward curve to help support the head.

- Thoracic region:

The middle part of the spine curves outward to protect the heart and lungs.

- Dorsal region:

This is an outdated term used to refer to the entire thoracic spine, including the ribs. Therefore, "b & c are correct" would be incorrect as the dorsal region encompasses the thoracic curve, not the lordotic curve.

- Lumbar region:

This is the lower part of the spine and also has a natural lordotic curve, but it's a separate curve from the one in the cervical region.

Here's a diagram to illustrate the different curves of the spine: