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Normal temperature of the body from axilla is

Normal temperature of the body from axilla is:

  • A- 37ºc.
  • B- 38ºc.
  • C- 36.5ºc.
  • D- 37.5ºc.
  • E- Non of the above.

The normal temperature of the body from the axilla, or underarm, is D. 37.5°C (99.5°F).

It's important to note that normal body temperature can vary slightly depending on several factors, including:

- Time of day:

Body temperature naturally fluctuates throughout the day, being slightly higher in the late afternoon and lower in the early morning.

- Activity level:

Physical activity can raise body temperature.

- Age:

Children tend to have slightly higher body temperatures than adults.

- Sex:

Women typically have slightly higher body temperatures than men, especially around ovulation.

- Medications:

Certain medications can affect body temperature.

- Medical conditions:

Some medical conditions can cause fever or hypothermia.

Therefore, while 37.5°C is considered the average normal temperature for the axilla, it's important to consider individual variations and potential influencing factors when interpreting a specific temperature reading.

Normal Temperature Ranges:

Here are the normal temperature ranges for different measurement sites:
  • Oral: 37.0°C - 37.5°C (98.6°F - 99.5°F)
  • Rectal: 37.1°C - 37.8°C (98.8°F - 100.0°F)
  • Axilla: 36.5°C - 37.5°C (97.7°F - 99.5°F)
  • Tympanic (ear): 36.4°C - 38.0°C (97.5°F - 100.4°F)
If you have any concerns about your body temperature, it's always best to consult a healthcare professional.