Thursday, January 4, 2024

agar is characterized by all the following except.. un-nutritive

agar is characterized by all the following except?

  • A- freezing point is 42c & melting point is 100c
  • B- nutritive
  • C- un-nutritive.

The correct answer is: C- un-nutritive.

Here's why:

A- freezing point is 42°C & melting point is 100°C:

This statement is true. Agar has a high melting point and a unique thermal property where it melts around 100°C but solidifies into a gel-like form at around 42°C. This makes it ideal for microbiology applications where maintaining a stable medium temperature is crucial.

B- nutritive:

This statement is partially true. While plain agar itself is not very nutritious and lacks essential nutrients for most organisms to grow, it can be supplemented with various nutrients like broth, sugars, and amino acids to create a suitable culture medium for specific organisms.

C- un-nutritive:

This statement is false as explained above. Plain agar lacks inherent nutrients but can be easily enriched to support microbial growth.

Therefore, the ability to be supplemented with nutrients to support microbial growth differentiates agar from being completely un-nutritive.