Wednesday, January 31, 2024

blood sample is used to diagnose.. non from them

blood sample is used to diagnose?

  • A- C.tetani.
  • B- C.diphteria.
  • C- non from them.

The answer is C. None of them.

While blood samples can be used to diagnose tetanus and diphtheria, it's not the primary or most effective method. Here's why:

- Tetanus:

Diagnosis of tetanus is primarily based on clinical symptoms, such as muscle stiffness and lockjaw. Blood tests for tetanus toxin are not routinely used and may not be definitive, as the toxin can be undetectable in the blood even in confirmed cases.

- Diphtheria:

Although blood tests can detect Diphtheria toxin and antibodies, throat swabs (culture or rapid test) are the preferred method for diagnosis as they directly detect the presence of the bacteria in the throat, where the infection initially occurs.
Therefore, neither tetanus nor diphtheria rely primarily on blood samples for diagnosis.

Remember, consulting a healthcare professional or reliable medical resources is always recommended for accurate diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition.