Wednesday, January 31, 2024

By eating uncooked meet a person can infected with.. Tap worm

By eating uncooked meet a person can infected with:

  • A- Tap worm.
  • B- Hook worm.
  • C- Round worm.
  • D- Non of the above.

The answer is D. None of the above.

While consuming uncooked meat can carry risks of infection, the worms you listed are not typically transmitted through this means. Here's a breakdown:

- Tapeworms:

These parasites are usually acquired through eating undercooked freshwater fish or contaminated beef or pork.

- Hookworms:

These worms are rarely found in developed countries and are more commonly associated with walking barefoot on contaminated soil in tropical or subtropical regions.

- Roundworms:

Although some roundworm species can be transmitted through food, like Ascaris lumbricoides, uncooked meat is not a primary source. They are more commonly acquired through contaminated water or soil.

Therefore, while eating uncooked meat can expose you to bacteria and other parasites like Trichinella spiralis (causing trichinellosis), the worms mentioned in the options are not typically transmitted in this way. It's important to always handle and cook meat safely to avoid potential foodborne illnesses.

Remember, food safety is crucial for your health. Always cook meat to the proper internal temperature and practice safe food handling techniques to minimize the risk of infection. If you have any concerns about foodborne illness, consult a healthcare professional or your local food safety authorities.