Sunday, February 11, 2024

Ester type of LA secreted by.. Liver and plasma

Ester type of LA secreted by?

  • A. Liver only.
  • B. Kidney.
  • C. Lung.
  • D. Liver and plasma.

While ester-type local anesthetics (LAs) are primarily metabolized by the liver, the correct answer is not A. Liver only.

Here's a breakdown:

- Ester-type LAs:

Examples include procaine, cocaine, benzocaine, and chloroprocaine.

- Metabolism:

They are hydrolyzed, meaning broken down by water, by an enzyme called pseudocholinesterase, which is present in various tissues throughout the body.

- Main site of metabolism:

While the liver contains high levels of pseudocholinesterase, it is not the only site.

- Other sites:

Significant amounts of pseudocholinesterase are also found in the plasma, making it another contributor to the breakdown of ester-type LAs.

Therefore, the most accurate answer is D. Liver and plasma. Both contribute to the metabolism of ester-type local anesthetics.

Additional Points:

Here are some additional points to remember:

- Individual variations:

Some individuals may have a genetic deficiency in pseudocholinesterase, leading to prolonged effects of ester-type LAs.

- Safety concerns:

Due to potential allergic reactions and the possibility of rapid breakdown due to individual variations in enzyme activity, ester-type LAs are used less frequently than amide-type LAs in clinical settings.